SENS-ie Smart Transformer

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The universe is so well balanced that the mere fact that you have a problem also serves as a sign that there is a solution.

A Problem We Understood

What We Heard

  • “Electricity is really just organized lightning.”- George Carlin
  • A human error-prone method of evaluating transformer malfunctioning.
  • Absence of real time identifying OEE and data for preventive maintenance.


What We Designed

The Solution will monitor transformers based on ∙ Redundancy ∙ Transformer Life ∙ TAP monitoring and control ∙ Oil flow and level ∙ Windings temperature ∙ Fan Control and Cooling Temperature ∙ Phase Voltage & Current Monitoring ∙ Load Balancing Analysis ∙ Dissolved Gas Analysis

What Can Be Achieved

  • Remote Management – Real time management of electrical transformers located in different geographical locations from a common control center.
  • Emergency Response – Quick Response during the events of malfunctioning/damage/wear out conditions.
  • Preventive Maintenance – Real time repair alerts aids in attending breakdowns/repairs before a major incident occurs.