Process Automation

Manufacturing process monitoring, machine learning, predictive analysis

To make more accurate decisions about the different business processes based on numeric parameters , machine learning enables you to decipher, monitor and control small and intermediary workflows involved in the entire process chain. Workflows such as clerical tasks, human interfaces, consumer behaviour patterns and consumer experiences can be made effective with simple IOT solutions. Transaction monitoring, prevention of fraudulent actions, employee identification, compliance tasks can now be real time monitored and controlled. Direct advantages of process automation are reduction of costs, ability to perform operations or a single task on a large scale,and innovation possibilities by adding new features / creating entirely new product.

Predictive analysis helps uncover new statistical patterns, classify data into data groups to help process customer data, likelihood of certain customer patterns that are most likely to be repeated and hence make targeted marketing efforts and financial decisions. IOT solutions are most effective for potential break down events, occurrence of thefts and irregular activities in the production tasks at the facility.