SENS-ie Smart Dairy


The universe is so well balanced that the mere fact that you have a problem also serves as a sign that there is a solution.

A Problem We Understood

What We Heard

  • “If you want milk, don’t sit on a stool in the middle of a field in the hope that a cow will back up to you.” – Richard Branson
  • An age old practice of dairy farming compiling of human error prone methods.
  • Absence of real time data of milk life cycle.


What We Designed

A need to explain

Sens-ie nodes are instrumental to acquire data from:

  • Cattle Shed – from heat mapping of cows to milking
  • Milk Cans – from level measuring to can tracking
  • Chilling Unit- from milk monitoring to machine diagnostics
  • Milk Vans – from level monitoring to pilferage tracking
  • Processing plant – from OEE measuring to preventive maintenance
  • RefeerVans – from temperature monitoring to spoilage tracking
  • Refrigerators – from temperature monitoring to inventory tracking

What Can Be Achieved

  • Inventory Management – Real time tracking of milk at different stages considering from collection to processing.
  • Emergency Response – Quick Response during the events of utmost attention.
  • Preventive Maintenance – Real time repair alerts aids in attending breakdowns/repairs before a major incident occurs.

Dashboard View