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The universe is so well balanced that the mere fact that you have a problem also serves as a sign that there is a solution.

A Problem We Understood

What We Heard

  • “It is usually impossible to know when you have prevented an accident.” – Anonymous
  • A human error-prone method of evaluating vehicular crashes.
  • Absence of real time driving behavioral and crash aversion analytics.
  • Error prone Claim settlement process.


What We Designed


The vehicle is monitored remotely for identifying

  • Harsh/Risky Driving Behavior
  • Over speeding
  • Crash Logging/Detection
  • Emergency Support
  • Crash Scene Recreation
  • Crash Data Visualization
  • Distracted Driving

What Happens after A Crash

# The FNOL (First Notice Of Loss) alert is triggered and notification is sent to

  • Police
  • Ambulance
  • Insurance Customer Support
  • Family Members


# The Crash Analysis report is shared with the customer and the Insurance company containing the details of the driving pattern analysis, location of impact, crash location conditions etc.

How current process functions

  1. Manual identification of 3rd party vehicle and witness involved.
  2. Manual Call intimation to customer support to inform about accident.
  3. Manual intimation to Police in case of 3rd party damage or injury.
  4. Manual intimation to towing agency to take vehicle to the workshop.
  5. Manual submission of claim forms with documents.
  6. Manual intimation on repair estimate.
  7. Final manual intimation of claim rejection or acceptance along with final quote given to customer

What Can Be Achieved

  • Emergency Response – Real time notifications send to authorities, emergency services and family members during the events of crash detection.
  • Accident Aversion Analysis – Detailed analytical report containing driving behavior patterns shared for averting future accident scenarios.
  • Effective Claim Settlement – AI based claim processing results in accurate decision making and speedy resolution in claim settlement.

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