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The universe is so well balanced that the mere fact that you have a problem also serves as a sign that there is a solution.

A Problem We Understood

What We Heard

  • “Trade isn’t about goods. Trade is about information. Goods sit in the warehouse until information moves them.” – C . J . Cherryh 
  • Absence of real time monitoring solution to track blue collar workers.
  • Absence of real time mechanism to receive alerts on mishandling of racks.


What We Designed

Monitor & Track all Assets:
  • Good-in & Goods – Out
  • Inventory
  • Picking
  • Location Data
  • Sensor Data
  • People Count & Location Data


Every Light is a Reference Node – an Active Network Router

All Assets can be tagged and tracked / positioned through the Lighting Network

How It Will Be Done

People Tracking– Our solution complies with all the requirement mentioned in the Document.

Solution Brief– The entire warehouse would be covered with a wireless mesh based on the zones and the degree of accuracy acceptable within the operations space of The infra.

We create this using wall mountable, battery operated, wireless Anchor Nodes. Battery life 2-3 years, uses 2.4 GHz RF but no need for customer Wi-Fi.

People would be given Active asset Tags which will have a unique ID mapped with Name and employee ID etc.

Asset Tracking – Our solution complies with the points mentioned for the monitoring and alert condition of the assets.

Solution Brief– The Platform UI can be created as per the floor plan of the infrastructure and assets marked in them with live status button. Deviations can alert on the Dashboard with audio-visual indicators as well as SMS and mail Alerts. Refer Dashboard references for more clarity.

Further We Will…

Impact Detection of Racks – Our Asset Tags using the same technology with vibration Sensors built-in can be used to address this requirement of the customer.

Solution Brief – Vibration enabled asset tags with built-in battery and wireless communication can be stuck on the racks. Whenever the vibration impact is more than the defined threshold an alert event will be created with exact location indicator of the Rack. Alerts can be Audio,visual based on the application, SMS and mail alerts.

Guard Patrolling – To achieve this solution,we will deploy battery operated, wireless anchor nodes at regular intervals on the periphery of the warehouse.

The guard will have an Asset Tag which would record his movement and the various Scenario mentioned in the document based on the co-relation of location and time.

What Can Be Achieved

Dashboard View

Reference Dashboard – Energy Management